Im2 Broom My internet Connection

images1 For long time I have plans to get internet connection in my dormitory house and sometime for mobile needed. And In middle of january 2009 I decided to find new modem and also the connection. I go to the plaza semanggi to accompany my friend for bought a new starter pack indonsat IM2  broom for his new nokia I not remember their HSDPA type of handphone. And when I come to the IM2 center in first floor of semanggi mall my friend bought the starter and after a minute review I also interested fo buy the new one. And after back at my dormitory  I’m  go to Ratu Plaza to find new modem HSDPA. I decided bought vodafone modem and activate my IM2 modem card take 5 to 10 minute. I think it is very simple. For browshing and chatt  that’s enough for me but for download sill slow. For this  this time is  quite better than the other starter pack that already I used before..

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